Buffalo Season of Bliss Week 15 Preview: Allen Cub Faces Off Against The Detroit Lions

Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills (4-9) will face off against the Detroit Lions (5-8), their final NFC opponent of the season. Both of these teams will be competing their hearts out. Meanwhile, both fanbases are probably watching at home hoping to lose for a better draft position. Fans this late in the season when missing the playoffs is inevitable they feel their teams should just start to be really bad.

I am one of those fans. The reason being is that for a full rebuild to begin, the framework needs to be set up. The culture the Bills are trying to build needs a little more time to develop. They need to bring in talented players who are going to help cement their culture. One way to get these talented players, players who are young and impressionable, is through the draft.

The face of this new culture is quarterback Josh Allen. And on Sunday, he will again have to prove why he is that face of the franchise as last week he had a rollercoaster of a game completing 50% of his passes for 206 yards with two interceptions and one lost fumble. Meanwhile on the ground he has become the teams leading rusher with 490 yards rushing with five touchdowns including one last week. This needs to change if we want to keep Allen healthy.

Being that the wide receiver core is small and fast, look for more boot leg and trick plays every week. The only way the Bills can run the football, is when there is when the middle of the field is wide open. Detroit Lions coach Matt Patricia will not allow this to happen.

Speaking of the Lions, they have a very capable offense with Matt Stafford at the helm. The Detroit defense is also a middle of the road team. I expect the same type of game as last week as our defense will keep it close, our offense will struggle to get points and our special teams will prove unhelpful once again.

In regards to special teams, the players are definitely not the problem. Every one of those players are very talented. This issue comes from the top and a change needs to happen soon. Mike McCarthy was just let go after a long career with the Packers, I think we can give Danny Crossman the pink slip.

This will be another development game. If everybody can stay healthy until the end of the season that would be excellent.

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