Buffalo Season of Bliss Week Fourteen Recap Blog: To Live And Die By Allen

The Buffalo Bills (4-9) lost to the New York Jets (4-9) today 27-23. This game was a lot closer than it should have been but this game was a learning experience as is the entirety of this season. I did say in the preview blog that the “Shout” song would be playing a lot today and so I think I deserve some credit for getting that right.

The main focus today was on the two rookie quarterbacks and where they stand currently in their development. Sam Darnold was bad in the first half but gained his composure in the second to lead the Jets to victory.

Meanwhile, our very own Josh Allen had some very great feats but also made very bad mistakes. He made some great runs but did lose a fumble that turned into points. He made some nice throws but also had some very bad interceptions in key moments in the game.

Allen did rush for 101 yards on the day which is good but having your rocket armed quarterback as your leading rusher on your team instead of the running backs is not good. The young receiver corps made some nice catches but also had some bad drops.

The defense held up for as long as they could. They could have had an easier day on the field with some better field position had it not have been for the poor special teams play. It was crazy to see the Jets just burst past our guys for over fifty yard returns on kickoffs. 99% of kickoffs are touchbacks now. Kicking was not a big issue until a Jet player took a cheap shot at Stephen Hauschka and he did not look right ever since. Anybody with two eyes could see he was hurting but nonetheless let the kicker kick I guess.

Next week we take on the Detroit Lions at home. As Josh Allen’s development continues, it is very apparent that this team lives and dies by the play of Josh Allen. If we have any hope of becoming a playoff team in the future we need to give this kid some help on the offensive line and in the passing game. Until then, Allen will need to continue to learn from his mistakes and hopefully take less hits. Go Bills.

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