Colgate Womens Ice Hockey Weekend Preview Blog: Orange You Glad They Face Syracuse This Week

The Colgate Raiders face off against the Syracuse Orange in a couple of non conference games. One starts tonight in Syracuse and the other is on Saturday in Hamilton. The Raiders are right now firmly in that number ten spot in the national rankings. However, one loss to the Orange erases will get rid of that in a heartbeat.

The Orange are having a rough season at 4-12-1 overall but are 4-3 in the CHA conference. Every year, Syracuse treats these games like the Super Bowl. It is a New York rivalry that has Colgate on top with a record of 9-5-3. Syracuse on paper, lets in a lot of goals but that is only because they have faced top tier talent in the likes of Wisconsin, Clarkson and Boston College.

These two games will be tough for Colgate. They certainly shined last weekend with the 9 goal outburst against Clarkson and Saint Lawrence but Syracuse will treat these games like it is the Stanley Cup Finals. They want to win these games, especially now that Colgate has had the success that they have.

I do expect Colgate to sweep the Orange but I feel like these games will be really close. We will have to wait and see what happens tonight. Go Gate!

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