Colgate Womens Ice Hockey Weekend Preview: Cat Scratch Weekend Part I

The Colgate Raiders are on the road again to take on the Princeton Tigers (4-2-2) and the Quinnipiac Bobcats (3-5-2). These may not seem that impressive but they have won the more important games on their schedule which are the ECAC matchups. The Raiders again have a tough road matchup as these two teams will stop at nothing to boost their resume, and right now is a good chance to do it against a young Colgate team who has been dealing with bad luck in terms of scoring chances and penalties.

The Raiders will have to figure it out soon as today they face the Princeton Tigers in New Jersey. Their only two losses of the season came at the hands of the currently undefeated Wisconsin Badgers. Since then they have gone unbeaten in six straight games. The main catalyst for this team is Junior forward Carly Bullock. On the season she has eight goals and six assists on the season. The rest of the forwards are relatively young but just as effective. One such forward, Freshman Sarah Fillier, has seven assists on the year.

In order to beat this Tigers team, the Raiders need to disrupt their offense and keep it close. This team wins games that are high scoring but if they keep it to within one or two goals, the Raiders will come out with a good result.

Moving onto tomorrow, the Raiders face the Quinnipiac Bobcats in the afternoon. Nobody jumps off the stat sheet other than Taylor House who has five goals and three assists on the season. Goaltender Abbie Ives is also stands out and only allows 1.46 goals a game. This being said, this team is not to be underestimated.

Their schedule is absolutely tough to win and their record does not reflect their play. They lost to Ohio State by one goal, Maine is a tough matchup and the University of Vermont plays good hockey. Their conference games have gone well with the exception of the overtime loss to Dartmouth. The Raiders will have a battle on Saturday and hopefully they are prepared for it.

Hopefully the Raiders have a win and a tie this weekend. Wins and ties get votes on the national scale. A sweep would solidify the number ten ranking but they need to play like a number ten and sweep. We can only wait and see.

Go Raiders!

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