Buffalo Season of Bliss Week Nine Recap: Process, Peterman Not Enough As Bears Destroyed Bills

Photo credit: Associated Press

Chicago-41 Bills-9

There is nothing positive to take from this game. The Buffalo Bills (2-7) offense lost this game from the minute they stepped onto the field. They gave the Chicago Bears (5-3) the ball back four times and also gave them 14 points while they were at it. Just an absolutely embarrassing game overall.

This team needed all the help they could in garbage time to find the endzone. They needed a series of penalties in order to be within walking distance to the endzone. Peterman scored a one yard rush late in the fourth to score the first Bills touchdown since week six. Four weeks. The blame is solely on the offense. The offensive line is breaking down and not creating lanes, the wide receivers cannot beat single defenders, our running backs are meeting linebackers in the backfield and who knows who the quarterback is next week.

Next week the Bills are at the Jets in MetLife stadium and I can’t wait till next year. Trust the process. Go Bills.

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