Bills Quarterly Report: Midway Through A Season of Misery

Buffalo Bills (2-6), last in the AFC East

This is probably the worst season I have ever seen. The defense at its best, and I have said this a million times it feels like, can limit teams to under 21 points. The problem is that our offense can barely get in range to score three.

LeSean McCoy, our playmaker, has been limited to 257 yards in seven games played. For a player of his caliber that is impossible. Then the fans had to take a ride on the quarterback carousel in which the Bills had two inexperienced ones and then decided mid season, “You know what, maybe someone should learn something from an old guy.” Hindsight is 20/20 but anybody could have seen Buffalo’s original plan to develop our future quarterbacks and said that was a bad idea.

Speaking of seeing, has anybody seen our receivers? These poor guys are just covered up against defenses. And when their not, the ball is either on the ground or over their heads because they don’t know who is throwing it. Also throw in the fact that we do not have a true number one receiver. Can anyone really say Kelvin is staying in Buffalo after this season? This guy is getting out the first chance he gets.

Now let’s talk about something positive, the Bills defense. They are relatively young but they are developing the right way. Tremaine Edmunds is playing the middle well. Matt Milano is finally being recognized as being good. New acquisition Jordan Phillips is having the time of his life since being released by Miami. Imagine that, Miami Dolphins are no fun? Crazy. TreDavious White is good. Micah Hyde and Jordan Poyer are looking like steals as they are so good at safety it’s almost unfair.

What is unfair is that this defense, which ranks sixth in the NFL with total yards given up is being hindered by a 31st ranked offense. Something has to change, and hopefully the addition of quarterback Matt Barkely and wide receiver Terrelle Pryor will yield some benefits in the future. Maybe a viable backup (Sorry Peterman.) and a reliable receiver.

As Bills fans, we are feeling so defeated right now. But in defeat, there is always a silver lining. And that silver lining is the future is being built brick by brick every day to ensure we make it to January football. Trust the process. Go Bills.

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