Buffalo Season of Bliss Week Eight Recap: Are We Done Yet?

I planned on going to this game about two months ahead of time. I knew that asking for a win against the New England Patriots (6-2) would take something extremely special. Yet, I bought the tickets and I went into it knowing that the possibility for a loss was very likely.

The Buffalo Bills (2-6) went all out on the festivities. They had fireworks, they had Chris Berman, they retired Thurman Thomas’ jersey number with the lights off…overall the show that went into Monday Night Football was a great success. The game on the other hand was a different story.

The Bills defense held the Patriots to three field goals in the first half. They were so stout and solid against the Tom Brady led offense forcing some missed throws and getting some quarterback hits. The only thing they needed was an offense to compliment their effort, but that would never come. Derek Anderson and company could barely make it pass midfield as receivers were having a hard time getting separated off of man coverage. The leading receiver on the team was LeSean McCoy our running back. Offensive coordinator Brian Daboll called every wildcat trick play in the book to gain some momentum but it was not enough as the offense could only manage two field goals.

Turnovers were another factor in this game as the Patriots forced two turnovers, both of them later turned into touchdowns. The one turnover which was the game defining play to the Bills season was an interception by Patriot safety Devin McCourty who returned it 86 yards to the end zone after the Bills were backed up to the 15 and goal after a penalty and a missed touchdown attempt. Overall, it was a Monday Night Game to forget nationally and an eye opening one if you are a Bills fan.

The Buffalo Bills are not competitive yet. The defense is but the offense is a gong show. Receivers are not catching, quarterbacks are not making good throws and running backs can’t run through gaps because there aren’t any. At the trade deadline we picked up Terrelle Pryor Sr. As another receiving option. He is now the number one receiver, Kelvin Benjamin has the talent but it does not seem he is very worried about staying in Buffalo. Derek Anderson is in Concussion protocol and is out for the next game against the Chicago Bears which means only one thing.

Nathan Peterman time baby. The road to the 2019 draft starts now. Go Billls.

New England-25 Buffalo-6

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