Buffalo Season of Bliss Week Seven Recap: Everything Went Wrong Today

The Buffalo Bills (2-5) were defeated by the Indianapolis Colts (2-5) and they are on their way to a really disappointing season. The defense were not themselves and gave up 224 rushing yards. Colts quarterback Andrew Luck also shredded the Bills defense with 175 passing yards and four touchdowns. The defense never left the field and were tired by midway through the second quarter. The offense had flashes of life with quarterback Derek Anderson under center but the Colts took advantage of Anderson’s rust and forced four turnovers against him (Three interceptions and one fumble.).

This team lost LeSean McCoy on the second play of the day due to an awkward fall on a sideline run. His availability next Monday will be in doubt along with Josh Allen. At this point in the season, I think we have to take our successes when we can and learn what needs to be improved which is obviously a need of a playmaker on the offense. The trade deadline is coming up but with the Bills a couple of losses away from being mathematically eliminated from playoff contention, Brandon Beane will probably be looking to sell rather than acquire players.

Credit to the Colts, they beat us at our worse. We will be facing the Patriots next week on Monday Night Football. This will be the Bills Super Bowl. Hopefully the score will be closer than this game. Go Bills.

Indianapolis-37 Buffalo-5

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