Buffalo Season of Bliss Week Seven Preview: Peterman Is NOT Starting!

I sort of vented my frustrations the last time I wrote about the Buffalo Bills (2-4) and I will continue to do so until this “rebuild” is over. The Bills are on the road again to face the Indianapolis Colts (1-5), another organization that began with high hopes at the beginning only to slowly see those aspirations disappear into a reality in which their disadvantages surface. That was very deep, I apologize. However, these two teams are very similar and seem to be heading into the same direction toward the bottom of the standings.

Colts quarterback Andrew Luck is having a good season since returning from a shoulder injury that ended his 2017 season. He has thrown for 1,792 yards and 16 touchdowns is one of the center pieces for this offense which include receiver T.Y. Hilton coming back from an injury and tight end Eric Ebron who already has six touchdowns this season, averaging one a game. This offense will test the Bills as since week three they have not allowed more than 22 points to an opponent.

The Colts defense meanwhile has allowed an average of almost 30 points to opposing teams, which included a 42-34 loss against the New York Jets last weekend. If there was a chance for the Bills to score more than 13 points in a game, tomorrow would be that day.

There are some questions on whether Buffalo can be offensively sound as they have circled the wagons constantly on who should be under center. Recently acquired veteran quarterback Derek Anderson is in charge of the offense this week after being signed last week and following the aftermath of Nathan Peterman’s fourth quarter play in the final four minutes. There are reports that the locker room would pretty much riot if Peterman started again and I don’t blame them.

Hopefully, Anderson just manages the offense well and it will be somewhat competitive. I am hoping the special teams unit does not mess up again as they have made almost three mistakes a game. I am also hoping that Peterman does not go out on the field. He no longer has the his teammates confidence and it does not seem like he has confidence within himself.

The Bills defense is going to have to play out of their minds again to win this football game. Go Bills.

Indianapolis Colts-24 Buffalo Bills-23

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