Buffalo Season of Bliss Week Six Recap: Somethings Gotta Give

Houston Texans (3-3)-20 Buffalo Bills (2-4)-13

The Bills defense played their best game of the season. Seven sacks, two interceptions and one fumble recovery. They were all over quarterback Deshaun Watson and they kept wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins relatively silent with five catches for 63 yards and a touchdown. They gave the offense the means to score and to make things happen. Everything they did today was wasted by both the offense and special teams.

Special teams just could not handle the football. I don’t know what is going on with this unit but they need to figure it out. Bad field position and giving the other team the football does not win football games. I can’t even be that mad because I am just so flabbergasted at the offense that I am not surprised that special teams can’t get it together.

Two illegal formation penalties and Nathan Petermans two awful interceptions are my main pain points for the offense. Because our guys can’t line up correctly on the line of scrimmage, two awesome first down catches by Kelvin Benjamin and Zay Jones were wiped off. I just can’t believe guys are out of position before the play is even snapped just a complete momentum killer that is worse than a false start or a hold.

Petermans interceptions…they were just ill advised throws. He was playing so well that entire third quarter until the Houston defense read him like a book and picked him off. I don’t know what we do with him at this point. The fans are tired of him and McDermott is tired of defending him. I don’t know if we can release him because I think Derek Anderson is signed for more of a mentor role for both Peterman and Josh Allen. As much as people do not like him, we need him as a security blanket. In a weird way, he is protecting our future. Not in the way that you want but in a season like this, we need it.


Respect the process.

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