Buffalo Season of Bliss Week Six Preview: Houston’s A Problem

The Buffalo Bills (2-3) will face the Houston Texans (2-3) on the road in Houston. Houston has played in very close games all season and can be very high scoring thanks to Quarterback Deshaun Watson and Wide Receiver DeAndre Hopkins. Their defense also has a scary defensive end duo of J.J. Watt and Jadaveon Clowney. The only positive right now is that the Texans have had a bit of bad luck with injuries, which include Watson after getting hit multiple times with the game against Dallas.

There are two things I am looking for in this Sunday’s game, one for offense and one for defense. For the offense, I want to see if Josh Allen can be more decisive in his passes. Last game he threw a lot of passes to the ground where all his receivers had to go down and get catch it. If he can trust his arm more and make cleaner throws, I think the Bills may have a chance to score more if the receivers have a better chance to catch the football.

For the defense, I am looking at the entire defense to stop the passing attack and hold off Houstons receivers. Right now their secondary is banged up and TreDavious White is currently battling ankle inflammation. That is huge if there is no one to keep DeAndre Hopkins in check.

Overall, I think going into Houston is going to be really tough for the Bills. Unless they magically find an offense within the last week of practice, this game can get out of hand real quick if the Bills cannot cause turnovers. Looking forward to continue watching the process. Go Bills.

Buffalo-17 Houston-27

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