Buffalo Season of Bliss Week Five Recap: For The Bills!

This was a boring, low scoring game. That is fine by me because the Buffalo Bills (2-3) defeated the Tennessee Titans (3-2) in New Era Field 13-12.

The Bills defense did not allow the Titans to reach pay dirt and so they had to settle for four field goals the entire game. They also forced three turnovers with two fumble recoveries and an interception. The defense showed that they can show up to games week in and week out. Special teams on the other hand need to figure it out. One of the most important parts of the game as far as field position and they either miss key tackles or there is miscommunication between players and coaching staff. In the end, Stephen Hauschka was poised and calm when he scored an extra point and two field goals, including the game winner with four seconds left on the clock.

Offensively, Buffalo had two good drives. The opening drive where Josh Allen ran 14 yards for a touchdown and the game winning drive where the Bills had a good mix of plays to march down the field and set up the game deciding field goal. Other than that, nothing very impressive with the exception of the run game. Both LeSean McCoy and Chris Ivory combined to rush over 120 yards. If there was one glaring issue I saw, it was Allens tendency to under throw the receivers throughout the game. I think he needs to trust his fastball more and maybe find the right amount of strength to give the receivers a chance at the ball.

Next week, Buffalo rides down to Houston, Texas to face the Texans. Go Bills.

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