Buffalo Season of Bliss Week Five Preview: September Stunk, New Month New Bills

The Buffalo Bills (1-3) were asleep all September. That is why they gave up over 100 points and 360 yards per game. They were waking up until September ends so that they can get really serious. This week they are at home against the Tennessee Titans (3-1) probably one of the most unpredictable teams this season. They have the big hats, the swag and the camaraderie that really makes it tough to beat this team.

The Titan defense has only allowed 18 points a game and 300 yards collectively per game. This has kept them in all the games this season . When they play calling goes well this team gains momentum. Titans Marcus Mariota on paper does not look good with 547 passing yards, two touchdowns and three interceptions but when he is fully healthy he is a playmaker along with running back Derrick Henry. Their receivers play hard and I expect them to do the same against the Bills defense.

Speaking of the Bills defense, they have a problem with in the secondary as safeties Micah Hyde and Rafael Bush are not expected to be 100% or even play at all. Buffalo has signed another safety but they are going to have to be creative defensively if they are going to limit the big plays. We did gain some help up front thanks to Miami losing horribly last Sunday and we grabbed Jordan Phillips from waivers.

Offensively…..I don’t know. It is the same conversation every week, every game and every year. The offense needs to start producing and give the defense something to fight for. Kelvin Benjamin needs to get open more, LeSean McCoy needs to be more involved now that it’s clear he is healthy enough to do so and Josh Allen needs to make better decisions with the football. That’s pretty much it.

This game can be a toss up for either team. Tennessee is rolling right now and Buffalo is in for a fight. This is going to be a tough game. We just need to respect the process, no matter what happens. Go Bills.

Buffalo-19 Titans-17

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