Bills Quarterly Report: Not Good Right Now

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The Buffalo Bills did not have a good start to the season sitting in third place in the AFC East with a 1-3 record. Opponents have taken advantage of spotty quarterback play and good field position to walk all over the Bills. The Ravens, Chargers, Vikings and Green Bay combined have out scored the Bills 106-50. 27 of those points were against a Vikings team that were admittedly unprepared to play that day. The offense needs to get better and this is something that has been talked about every year with the Bills. We only have a few playmakers on offense and Josh Allen is still learning his limitations and how to make better decisions.

The only silver lining right now is that the defense has started clicking after the blowouts in weeks one and two. I expect that trend to continue and I feel that if they can keep teams within 20 points in the third quarter, we can have a chance to win games.

There is one last thing I wanted to address and that was an article Mike Rodak of ESPN wrote about possibly trading LeSean McCoy and Kelvin Benjamin. I felt he made some good points about both players and was very diplomatic about it. However I felt he should have highlighted two different players. Now that doesn’t mean that Shady and Kelvin are not worth a trade or are not valuable to other teams, it’s just that Shady’s and KB’s value and talent to the Bills means more to us right now and it may not be the best decision to move them.

The two players I would have chosen to put on the trading block (if I wanted to, which I don’t.) would be Chris Ivory and Charles Clay. Ivory is a great compliment to McCoy and has been consistent as a running back thus far. He could be a starter on any team that is in desperate need of a running back. Any team would be happy to have him for a high draft pick or a player swap perhaps. Then we have Clay who has been consistent as a receiving tight end, something teams are in constant need of. Both of these players contracts expire in 2020 and could look valuable to teams who are looking for players who could improve their chances.

Anyway, the next four weeks we have the Titans at home, the Texans and Colts away and of course we face the Patriots on Monday Night Football at New Era Stadium. I am going to that Monday Night game on October 29th and I am excited about going but at the same time I am just hoping the Bills will have figured out their offense by then. I just hope it will be a good game.

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