Buffalo Season of Bliss Week Four Recap: Goose Egg On Our Face

Well that was a depressing game to watch. Everybody was probably on the edge of their seat just waiting for the Buffalo to put up some sort of fight. Credit to the defense in this game, they forced a couple of turnovers, sacked Aaron Rodgers a couple of times and kept the game well within reach for any chance of a comeback. The Bills were only down 19-0 after the third quarter and the offense still couldn’t get things going.

So let’s get into the offensive side of the ball, Josh Allen made some bad decisions today. He also made some bad throws that were nowhere near his receivers. He also tried to make some throws on the run that resulted in some bad interceptions. Our receivers were again nowhere to be found although Charles Clay is starting to gain Allen’s trust which is great. Kelvin Benjamin had a nice catch for 34 yards but then was gone for the rest of the game. Our run game was okay but not good enough to create an impact.

This game was a wash but in the grand scheme of things, this game does not matter other than another loss. If this was an AFC team than it would be worse because it would go against our conference record. Losing to a NFC team just affects our win-loss total but it doesn’t affect a tiebreaker against an AFC team. That being said, if the Bills lose to the Titans next week at home, we need to treat this season as a true rebuilding season. We can’t be a middle of the road team anymore.

Green Bay-22 Buffalo-Nada, Zip, Nothing

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