Buffalo Season of Bliss Week Four Preview: Insert Cheesy Title Here

After an amazing upset last weekend, the Buffalo Bills (1-2) will look to win back to back against the banged up Green Bay Packers (1-1-1) at Lambeau field in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

The Packers formula for success throughout the years has had one common ingredient, quarterback Aaron Rodgers. This guy just creates plays out of thin air. Even though he currently has a leg injury, the guy has 832 passing yards and six touchdowns through three games. He is the catalyst for the Green Bay Packers and in order for the Bills to have a chance tomorrow, they have to contain him and limit the big plays.

The Green Bay defense has lost a couple of players due to injury and are 23rd in the league in defense giving up 386 yards a game. However, they have an angry Clay Matthews ready to get his hands on a quarterback after the frustrating season he is having.

The Bills might be without LeSean McCoy again this season and I would rather they sit him until he’s healthy. There is no need to bring him out right now this early in the season with his type of rib injury. The Bills were okay without him but we do have a budding playmaker in the rookie quarterback of Josh Allen. I think he will have another great game but it will be more on the ground rather than the air as our receivers will continue to be an issue this season as they are the 31st offensive team in the league. Defensively we are in the top ten and so I expect more of the same tomorrow.

My prediction is that the Bills will win this game. They are playing with confidence right now and that is all thanks to Josh Allen. This game will come down to which defense causes more turnovers and I feel Buffalo has a better chance then Green Bay. The Bills are cocky right now and a cocky Bills team is a dangerous Bills team.

Buffalo 31 Green Bay 27

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