Buffalo Season of Bliss Week Three Recap: All Allen as Bills Beat Vikings 27-6

Photo Courtesy: newyorkupstate.com


As I was running the clock for the Colgate women’s ice hockey game today (Number 5 in the country, not a big deal.) I looked at my phone to see what the score was. What I saw shocked me immensely. The Bills were up 17-0 after the first quarter and I had to have my coworkers check their phones to see if it was accurate. My coworkers could confirm and so as I watched Colgate skate to a 4-4 tie against the Shenzhen KRS Vanke Rays in an exhibition game, I was very excited to go back home and watch a fighting Bills team.

My immediate reaction from this game was that Josh Allen looked absolutely electric. He was making accurate throws, made some good decisions on the field and is sneaky athletic on the run. I mean, the way he hurdled Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr just broke my brain and stopped my heart too. I was glad he made the 13 yard run for the first but the way he runs the ball is just dangerous. As long as he protects himself, I think the Bills have a true dual threat quarterback with a rocket arm and a pair of rocket boots. He ended his day with two rushing touchdowns and a 26-yard passing touchdown to tight end Jason Croom.

The wide receivers helped Allen from time to time and Chris Ivory was excellent in the starting running back role after Shady was out for a rib injury. The Bills defense just mugged Kirk Cousins today. They had four sacks, two fumble recoveries and one interception against the Vikings offense. They were all over the place and were buzzing around the football. Matt Milano had the best day on the defense with a forced fumble, a fumble recovery and an interception.

This was an awesome win for the Bills straight up but a few things need to be discussed. First is the drops Kelvin Benjamin and Robert Foster had. Foster is a rookie and so he just needs a little more time to develop but Benjamin needs to make plays. He had two keys drops today and one of them would have made it a first and goal. And so this continues the wide receiver issue. Who can we trust to make the big plays through the air?

Another thing that needs to be discussed is that the Vikings just played themselves in a corner in this game. They committed dumb penalties all day that allowed the allowed the Bills to score early and often today. I’m not complaining though. The Bills just capitalized on these opportunities and never looked back. It was a fun game to watch and I’m glad they stopped at Milwaukee first before playing in Minneapolis. We are on to the Packers next week to face a Hall of Famer.

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