Buffalo Season of Bliss Week Three Preview: Loser Leaves Milwaukee

The Buffalo Bills (0-2) will face off against the Minnesota Vikings (1-0-1) tomorrow in Milwaukee, Wisconsin according to the since deleted graphic by the official Bills Twitter account. This will be Josh Allen’s first road start against one of the best pass defenses in the league. Xavier Rhodes will completely shut down whoever he covers which will probably be Kelvin Benjamin. The Bills may also be without LeSean McCoy as he is still dealing with a rib injury which would be a huge blow to the offense as he is the only consistent playmaker on the team right now. Our offensive line will have a tough day again trying to protect Allen as they have allowed eight sacks in two games and cannot seem to take the pressure off of him.

Our receivers have been a non factor thus far. I see them run out but it just seems that the big plays haven’t happened yet through the air. Granted they have faced some good defenses but somebody has to be open at some point. There were some breakdowns in the Chargers defense last game but they were just unable to capitalize on it.

Speaking of defense, the Bills defense is now the biggest question mark on this team. Last week began a story as old as time, a tale of two halves. First half they were getting absolutely picked apart by Rivers. The second half they actually gave the offense a chance to come back and put points on the board. I feel like this will now be a theme for this defense.

I am not going to be surprised this week if Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins just picks apart our defense in the middle just like Rivers did. The Vikings just have way too many playmakers on the receiving side in Stefon Diggs, Adam Theilen and Kyle Rudolph. I just don’t foresee the Bills keeping up with these receivers, which was not a problem last year.

If this game was in a neutral site in Milwaukee, I would still pick the Vikes to win. But it’s not, it’s in Minneapolis, Minnesota where the horns will blow and the Skol’s will roll. I think Allen will have a tough day tomorrow.

Vikings-35 Bills-23

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