Buffalo Season of Bliss Game 2: The Vontae Davis Retirement Game

I had such high hopes this week. I thought that the Chargers were a beatable team and the Bills could compete against them and make a game out of it. Silly me for having high hopes.

Phillip Rivers absolutely dissected the Bills defense on short passes and they were never in a good position to stop the bleeding early on. Mike Williams had his first receiving touchdown and Melvin Gordon scored three times, two rushing and one receiving, to pull the Chargers ahead by four scores. It was 28-6 by the end of the first half.

The offense could not get into a rhythm at all as Josh Allen was sacked five times. It would have been a lot worst if Joey Bosa was available today. All seemed to be lost and I was stress eating away at a Buffalo Wild Wings thinking this season could not get any worse. Thankfully it got better.

News recently broke out that ten year veteran Vontae Davis got off the field at half time and announced his retirement. Now to put this into perspective, Kyle Orton retired at the end of the season playing in Buffalo and Anquan Boldin retired before the regular season even started. No player would ever think to retire mid game. But by golly Davis did. And so a combination of that and McDermott calling the defense finally stopped the Chargers offense.

The offense started to click a little bit, just running down the field with Chris Ivory punching in a one yard touchdown, our first of the season. It was 28-13 now, maybe we could come back. Nope, our special teams unit made costly mental errors which included letting the a slow moving ball go to the ends one on a punt. Allen made some rookie interceptions. Just trying to make things happen that could not have happened. And even though our defense held the Chargers to a field goal in the second half it was too late.

The Bills scored a late touchdown in the final 38 seconds of play. Josh Allen threw a three yard pass to Kelvin Benjamin for Allens first touchdown pass of the season, the first of many.

And so a roster spot just opened up for the Buffalo Bills. Any cornerbacks that are on the market right now? Preferably those who won’t quit mid game would be extremely appreciated.

P.S. How much do you want to bet that Davis’ retirement note will be along the lines of “I’m sorry to the team” or “when you know it’s over it’s over.” He could have just retired after the game and we would not have cared that much. The fact he did it during the game is just disrespectful to the team as a whole.

P.P.S. Chargers won 31-20 over the Bills. The Bills take on the Vikings next week at Minnesota. *Sigh* The Season of Bliss continues.

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