Buffalo Season of Bliss Week Two Preview: Allen Era Has Begun

Photo courtesy: via Google image search, Ironrank.com

So Peterman is out and our rookie Josh Allen is in. This move makes sense in the grand scheme. Fans are over the Peterman project, whatever that was. Also, a rookie starting and having a rough first season is understandable. We can deal with that logic rather than going through another torturous start from the other guy.

The Bills have made some moves this past week that focused more on defense rather than offense. The most notable of which was to release wide receiver Jeremy Kerley and signing a defensive end up from the practice squad. I’m not understanding the moves on defense but I will just go with it since Sean McDermotts focus is mostly on the defense. The release of a veteran wide receiver means that we will focus on the young, unproven talent that we have acquired with Kelvin Benjamin, Zay Jones and Robert Foster. Out of those three, Benjamin is the most experienced with four years under his belt but has not been as productive since his 1,000 yard season in 2014.

This weeks game should be easier and more relaxing for the Bills as they are at home and their opponent has been cursed by the injury bug every season. The west coast LA Chargers visits a packed New Era Field to try and rebound from their loss against Kansas City. Josh Allen’s day might be easier with defensive end Joey Bosa out with a foot injury but will still have deal with Melvin Ingram III who was Bosa’s partner in crime in the Chargers front four. If Allen can read the defense well and make plays quickly, we might have a chance.

On the flip side, our defense did not look like the bend don’t break defense from a season ago. Granted, last week they were on the field 90% of the time but it will be interesting to see if they can lock down the offense led by Phillip Rivers. Running back Melvin Gordon, and wide receivers Mike Williams and Keenan Allen are playmakers and so Buffalo will have a tough time keeping them off the scoreboard.

My prediction of this game is that it will be a lot closer than last weeks game. The Chargers are not going to run away with a win from a loud, hungry crowd from Buffalo who wants to see if Josh Allen is the real deal. They can’t enjoy themselves now that table slamming is outlawed (unreal) but I think this will be a great home opener. Hopefully, the Chargers are still on Cali time by the time the game is over.

Bills 28 Chargers 24

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