My Season of Bliss: Bills v. Ravens a.k.a Expect the Expected

I will be fully honest here. I did not watch the entire opening game this season. I was at a watch party with a bunch of Dolphins and Cowboys fans along with a Browns fan and a Steelers fan. Therefore, I elected to let the Steelers fan and Browns fan to watch their game. The host of the party said that I could bring up the game if I wanted to. I did not want to. I knew that having Peterman at the helm of this offense was going to turn a depleted offense into an absolute disaster.

You know in Game of Thrones, where they have that three-eyed raven who can see the future? I foretold that this game would be a loss. I said in an earlier blog that this season that if we signed Paxton Lynch when he visited that he would be sent to the wolves as a sacrifice. I am now envisioning the same plan only with Nathan Peterman at the forefront of this ingenious idea.

Granted, the Buffalo defense did nothing to stop Joe Flacco as he threw 236 yards and 3 touchdowns in this 47-3 stomping of my Buffalo Bills. Peterman also did not help there cause as he recorded negative passing yards in the game. NEGATIVE PASSING YARDS! This means he gained more yards for the Ravens through the air than he gave up o the Bills. He could essentially be throwing the ball backwards and gain the same result.

With all of that said, I do not blame Peterman. I do not wish ill will towards them as most Bills fans would calling for his head. I believe that if he did not start against the Chargers last year, I think he would have a better mindset and could have possibly be a better QB. I blame McDermott. McDermott put him in that situation rather than riding and dying with Tyrod and now that Chargers start is stuck in Petermans head. Most people would have just quit after these starts in the NFL, but a Peterman has shown enough poise, strength and heart to keep going and keep trying. And for that I respect the heck out of him.

So now we have a quarterback controversy in our hands. The worst controversy you could possibly have really. Which inexperienced quarterback do you start against top ten defenses with a sieve of an offensive line as a shield. McDermott says he will review the tape, but 100 random people at the bar will tell you that Peterman is a bad quarterback and would not want him starting any team. His decision will probably be Peterman and I would not blame him if he did. He cannot however look at reporters and the fans with a straight face a new say Peterman is the answer. Fool us once shame on us, fool us twice shame on them.

And so begins the 2018-19 NFL season of the Buffalo Bills which I will call the “The Season of Bliss.” I will sleep soundly at night knowing that we may not have a win this season until maybe after the bye week and I am o.k. with that. I trust my GM Brandon “Magic” Beane to make the right moves in the draft and the trade deadlines to create a playoff contender. We need to start playing chess in this league and stop playing checkers.

Thank you for reading. Next week, we take on the Chargers at home. They can’t be too mad about missing the playoffs to us last year right?

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