Nice to have Met ya! My visit to CITI Field.

On Sunday, August 5th, 2018, I woke up at 4 a.m. in anticipation for the start of my goal to visit every ballpark in the MLB. I started driving towards the city at 5:30 a.m. Thanks to little traffic and my lead foot I got to the stadium at 10:00 a.m. Immediately after I got out of the car I was sweltering. I really hate the heat and I felt the sun was just focusing all of it’s energy and light onto me and me alone as I walked across the parking lot. The heat was rising and I kept chugging waters to replenish the water I lost with sweat. At 11:30 a.m. the gates were open for everybody and I was in CITI Field. Ready to explore it’s confines and to also take in what I hope to be a good ball game.

It was a matchup between the Atlanta Braves and the New York Mets between Julio Teheran and Corey Oswalt. One team was knocking on the doorstep of a wild card spot while the other was having a season of Murphy’s Law. The game started out very promising for the Mets, Wilmer Flores brought in the first run with an infield single straight off Teheran’s glove in the first. In the third, the lead was 2-0 after McNeil doubled to bring in Rosario and the lead grew to 3-0 the next inning after Austin Jackson’s home run which allowed the Big Apple to rise up. All of the fans were enjoying themselves and I was happy for them. And then everything changed in the Braves next at bat.

Pitchers have a stigma of not being able to hit, and Julio was no exception to the rule as he only had a .119 batting average on the season. I should point out that the opposing pitcher Corey has a .000000000000 batting average/on base percentage/might as well have just sat the bench and took a K. Anyway, Julio was taking great cuts on the fastball and it definitely paid off as he hit a homerun to left center field. I was beyond excited only for the fact that pitchers do not have a reputation for hitting the ball and I felt as though I was witnessing Haley’s Comet.

After that hit the Braves started to gain momentum. Inciarte hit a two run home run in the seventh (While I was up trying to find shade and water. I thought for sure that my phone was going to melt in my hand for how it was that day.) and tied it 3-3. Acuna Jr. then brought in a run in the top of the ninth to make it 4-3 Braves and it all seemed like another day at the office for the bad luck Mets. But then the Mets catcher Mesoraco homered to tie the game and sent it to extra’s. This home run just barely hit the orange line the marks the top of the wall. After an official review we were tied 4-4 going into the tenth.

Atlanta’s outfielder Markakis batted in the go-ahead home run in the tenth for the Braves to make it 5-4. The Mets tried to rally back again in the bottom of the tenth with Wilmer Flores (Shout out for the FRIENDS theme song walk up!) hitting a double and getting within 90 feet of home to at least tie the ball game. With one out and the go-ahead run the batters box, the entire crowd groaned as Jose bautista stepped in as he did the not so good hat trick of striking out three times. He ended up grounding out and Todd Frazier in the next at bat was unable to send the ball to the moon and was retired shortly after. The game was well fought by the Met’s but ultimately this game came down to a back and forth battle that somebody was bound to win. Unfortunately for the Mets, the season of Murphy’s law was as true today as it will be for the next two months as the train of misery continues to begin and end at CITI Field.

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